Saturday, April 2, 2016

RSV is no joke people!

About a week ago our little one got sick.  At first we thought it was a normal cold, but then on Wednesday he started having breathing retractions, so I called the advice nurse and we ended up going to the pediatrician. Unfortunately ours was out of the office and we saw someone else. Diagnosis -RSV, an annoying cold for adults but can be uber serious for kiddos, especially those under six months old, his oxygen was good and I was told to just snot suck him - yes nose frieda style- and keep an eye on his breathing. 

When you are a parent you have to be the one making the hard choices.  And on Wednesday evening about 7-8 hours after seeing the doctor we ended up going to Randall's Children's Hospital emergency which was the beginning of a 3 day hospital stay. We were very fortunate he responded well to treatment and were able to go home midday Saturday.

The one great thing is that baby G kept his great spirt through the whole ordeal. He hated having the tubes in his nose but other then that he was haming it up- laughing,smiling & babbling for the nurses and doctors. We were very fortunate we had such a short stay and that he improved quickly because we could have just as easily ended up in the PICU. 

The one thing that is so hard is that you have to remain calm and not be upset because your kiddo reacts from your emotions, so while mentally/emotionally I was a mess that's not what he needed from me, he needed me to be a badass momma bear who is looking out for him. 
I do feel I was better equipped to handle this because of an earlier hospital stay we had with our little go getter when he was only 5 days old for phototherapy for jaundice- this one was much easier to manage- his age and being at a pediatric hospital I think made the biggest differences. 

I am so very glad spring has sprung and cold season is coming to an end. I hope we have hit our quota on hospital stays for a while.  

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