Monday, April 25, 2016

Why won't baby nap or FOMO babies

My son has a serious case of FOMO(fear of missing out) which means he hates napping. 
Like hates it. And believe me we have tried everything trying to get this kid to nap well actually just sleep in general, I mean bedtime he does so much better, he wakes a bunch at night but that's biologically normal so I'm ok with that but naps OMG. 
Wearing him in the ergo is really the only reprieve I have or holding him on my lap but even that its still a struggle. Why are some babies just great sleepers and others are terrible? I don't think anyone really knows.

I thought back to when I was pregnant and our ultrasounds, and every single one, this kiddo was moving like a maniac even before I could feel him kick and that basically is his personality in life, he is not patient (which I assume applies to most babes) but is also one of my traits, and he just wants to go go go. He is constantly moving and he can't even crawl yet. 

Fortunately my friend Lindsay has hooked me up with some DoTERRA oils to help him relax and I do feel like they help calm him but I also think his 4 month sleep regression also has something to do with it at least that's what I tell myself. 

And if you haven't read this article in the New York Times, you really should. It definitely helped me feel like although I tried this and that, that perhaps my lovely little one was just not a great sleeper and that was really no reflection on me as a parent but just him (and I honestly wonder if him being early and having reflux has contributed but that may have nothing to do with it)

I feel like we tend to forget babies are little people and have their own personalities and likes and dislikes and yes we are the parents but we also need to find what works for them and sometimes the solution is just to cuddle with mom or dad or another caregiver and that is ok too. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

The Diaper Bag struggle

The struggle is real my friends. I have been searching for the best diaper bag. And I just don't know if I am ever going to be satisfied.

I have a big JJ Cole bag that's a shoulder bag, a backpack and has stroller clips.  Sometimes I love it other times I don't.

Image Source

I also have a skip hop mini purse.

Image Source
And finally a mini backpack for baby wearing (G can use this once he gets a little older).

Image Source

But I also started using a wet/dry clutch from Logan & Lenora so I could have something that was my purse- that would be able for me to grab and go but also pop into our larger diaper bag.
Image Source
I'm hoping this finally works out.

I feel like you really have to have more then one bag to function in different situations.
All you mom's out there - what was your favorite bag?

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Doing the dairy free thing!

So to help my sweet little guy deal with his reflux- I recently had to go dairy free on top of gluten free- and at first I thought it was going to be a total nightmare, but honestly it hasn't been that bad. I have been doing the dairy free thing for about 2 months with a couple accidental slip ups and I wanted to share my favorite dairy free substitutes or treats with you.  

This So Delicious Cashew Milk Ice Cream - I would eat this even after going back to dairy, it is that good! 

Daiya cheese has been pretty good, it is a little weird on pizza but for a grilled cheese sandwich it definitely hits the spot.  

Ok now this cheese is borderline amazing. Both my husband and dad tried it and didn't realize it was vegan. 

I do miss the days I can have real cheese again, I plan on using my Fiore Gut Gluten Free Flour from Italy to make my own gluten free dough - I will post my thoughts on this flour when the time comes. 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

RSV is no joke people!

About a week ago our little one got sick.  At first we thought it was a normal cold, but then on Wednesday he started having breathing retractions, so I called the advice nurse and we ended up going to the pediatrician. Unfortunately ours was out of the office and we saw someone else. Diagnosis -RSV, an annoying cold for adults but can be uber serious for kiddos, especially those under six months old, his oxygen was good and I was told to just snot suck him - yes nose frieda style- and keep an eye on his breathing. 

When you are a parent you have to be the one making the hard choices.  And on Wednesday evening about 7-8 hours after seeing the doctor we ended up going to Randall's Children's Hospital emergency which was the beginning of a 3 day hospital stay. We were very fortunate he responded well to treatment and were able to go home midday Saturday.

The one great thing is that baby G kept his great spirt through the whole ordeal. He hated having the tubes in his nose but other then that he was haming it up- laughing,smiling & babbling for the nurses and doctors. We were very fortunate we had such a short stay and that he improved quickly because we could have just as easily ended up in the PICU. 

The one thing that is so hard is that you have to remain calm and not be upset because your kiddo reacts from your emotions, so while mentally/emotionally I was a mess that's not what he needed from me, he needed me to be a badass momma bear who is looking out for him. 
I do feel I was better equipped to handle this because of an earlier hospital stay we had with our little go getter when he was only 5 days old for phototherapy for jaundice- this one was much easier to manage- his age and being at a pediatric hospital I think made the biggest differences. 

I am so very glad spring has sprung and cold season is coming to an end. I hope we have hit our quota on hospital stays for a while.