Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well helllooooo there stranger....

As you perhaps have guessed I've taken quite the blogging break. This happened for a few reasons. I got kinda bored with blogging, I lost my ambition and zest for writing and I got pretty busy with work, school, pregnancy, and recently life as a new mom, so blogging became last on my priority list. 

That being said I'm going to try it again. This time with more of a focus on moming-yup I'm pretending that's a word- I'll still post recipes and DIY when I have a chance to do them but for now I'm letting things flow and just doing it when the mood strikes. Which brings me to renaming/branding my blog to fit with more of what I'm doing now.
After struggling to find a domain name I went with something of an inspiration of when we began designing our son's nursery.  

Look for some changes around here soon, don't worry though the old content and recipes will remain.

xo, Leah  

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