Wednesday, March 23, 2016

We are all perfect parents before we have kids

Babies are all different. I totally was one of those people while pregnant who was going to do things perfectly, not having my baby in the bed, do cry it out, never let them watch tv, etc.
Well I can tell you in the almost 4 months of being a parent shit has gotten real and that has all gone out the window.

Yes folks I got a high needs baby and he wants mom (or dad) holding him, cuddling him, etc all the dang time. He won't nap by himself or sleep by himself for that matter.
For weeks he also screamed non stop, then we find out well thats due to his lovely GERD and silent reflux and finally after getting his tongue tie and lip ties fixed along with being on prilosec and me cutting dairy, and going to chiropractic/CST he's a happy smily little boy but he still won't sleep on his own. I totally thought this was my fault and had so many people, good intentioned, providing suggestions on what we should or shouldn't be doing and finally I just said screw that, we are doing what works for us until it stops working and we will try something else.  And low and behold, for one we as a family are way happier but I also come to find out am not the only parent that feels this way

Basically my new motto is "Never Say Never" because ultimately whatever ends up working is what you are going to do and the new days ,weeks , months of parenthood things are constantly changing and you just need to survive!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Well helllooooo there stranger....

As you perhaps have guessed I've taken quite the blogging break. This happened for a few reasons. I got kinda bored with blogging, I lost my ambition and zest for writing and I got pretty busy with work, school, pregnancy, and recently life as a new mom, so blogging became last on my priority list. 

That being said I'm going to try it again. This time with more of a focus on moming-yup I'm pretending that's a word- I'll still post recipes and DIY when I have a chance to do them but for now I'm letting things flow and just doing it when the mood strikes. Which brings me to renaming/branding my blog to fit with more of what I'm doing now.
After struggling to find a domain name I went with something of an inspiration of when we began designing our son's nursery.  

Look for some changes around here soon, don't worry though the old content and recipes will remain.

xo, Leah