Friday, July 25, 2014

I lied!

I cannot even believe it. Summer is nearly over.  I lied when I said I would be posting more, because clearly I haven't been.   Sometimes life just gets in the way. I am hoping my joy for blogging returns soon, but lately I just haven't found the time or passion to blog.   

In the meantime I have been creeping on other peoples blogs and here are some of the projects on my todo/make list. 

Refridgerator Pickles, um yum, I cannot wait to make these! 

Photo: Erika Sears - A Tiny Rocket

This totally adorable travel bag  for sorting your dirty and clean items while traveling.  Such a great idea! 
Photo: Suzannah - Adventures in Dressmaking

French Onion Pasta, I have already bookmarket this for when the weather starts to cool down (with GF pasta of course!)
Photo: Joy the Baker

Hope you are enjoying your summer! 

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  1. yay summer! the pickles are seriously so yummy even if you do a batch of refrigerator pickles.