Monday, November 11, 2013

Portland Preservation Society = my new fav hobby

Last week Erika and I spent our day making a whole bunch of stuff. The monthly meet up is next Wednesday and not only did we make things for that, but also to have on hand in our own homes.

Canning is a great activity - there is so much you can preserve - I have been checking out the following books and debating on which one to purchase.  

We made pickled eggs (both our husbands requested them),  chai concentrate (this is what I am bringing to the meet up, ) sriracha, and pickled radishes. 

I can't wait for December - I am making bacon jam for gifts (don't worry I'll post the recipe) and will likely make extras for that month's meet up.  For January I am leaning towards maybe quince and vanilla liqueur or a flavored vodka.

Have you tried canning/pickling? What are some of your favorite recipes? Do you have a favorite book or source for canning? 


  1. I have always wanted to learn how to can... I guess that I just need to do it!

  2. Canning is so intimidating to me! I've never tried it.