Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide : For the Nerd in Your Life

Here are a few things that most self proclaimed nerds would love, and even those who aren't. 

I personally love the vintage feel to the old star wars poster prints and have admired them for a while. My husband loves Star Wars and I think these would be a nice addition to any room without it being so obviously nerdy. 

Obviously the xbox one is big right now, so I had to include it.   And the new Hunger Games movie,  Catching Fire,  just came out (I am so excited to see it, I loved the books) - the Mocking-jay  pin is really cute. 

Growing up we used to watch the old Dr. Who.  I know some die hard watchers of the current version and this iphone case would probably be something they would love in their stocking.

What are your fav nerd-centric gifts? 


  1. That TARDIS phone cover. I want it.

  2. I've been reading your blog through my reader --when did you redesign! Looks lovely! I adore the old Star War prints so much!

  3. Cool pics! I love the Star Wars prints, it's subtly nerdy as you mention, but the scenes have a nice thoughtful moment captured to them too