Monday, July 8, 2013

Unpacking is the worst!

SO we finally moved into our new place!  Its kind of a train wreck right now as we have boxes all over the place.....and since the kitchen cabinets still need to be painted our dining room is our faux kitchen this week. I am loving my new pendant shade from UO!

The dogs are loving the backyard and I even found some oregon grape and  raspberry bushes in it.   Its super exciting to see everything come together.
loving this new light in the dining room

yard loving lab

very sad looking raspberry bush

oregon grape 

kitchen light

getting ready to get primed!


  1. Moving into a new place and seeing a vision of it's future is so fun! Congrats and good luck with the work ahead.

  2. aww my raspberry bushes were zapped this past week by the heat and look the same as yours. Congrats with the progress!

  3. The pendant shade is so pretty! And what a happy doggy in the new yard! And what a find having raspberry and grape in the backyard, it must be exciting to see all the potential in the new place, I hope you keep sharing before and after!

  4. yay!!! for a new place. good lick with all the fun ahead.

  5. That pendant shade is awesome, I need one for my house!