Thursday, June 13, 2013

House Progress

Courtesy of Zillow
As you may have noticed, I have been a little absent lately from the blogosphere (as my family likes to call it)

That is mostly due to the fact we closed on our new house on the 31st and have been furiously working in getting it move in ready.

So far our shower has been demo'd, new shower pan poured, some leaky pipes fixed, gross popcorn ceilings have been covered, hardwood floors are in the process of being refinished and I started getting rid of the gross brown tile counters which had to be delayed once the dry walling got moved up, not that I'm complaining!

This last weekend we ripped up the gross carpet and found some lovely 70s tile that reminded me of school
flooring, if you follow me on Instagram contentowlpdx you may have seen some of my photos already. 

We then started installing OSB flooring in the living room and hallway, sadly no hardwood under the carpet,
with the help of my dad and a few friends (Thank you Eric and Becky!)and will finish installing it in the family room this weekend.   

*I will post all about the awesomeness of OSB flooring once it’s completed and I can show you before and after shots.

I can't believe what a huge difference we are already seeing after removing the window coverings, having the ceilings done and having the carpet gone. It's immediately brighter.  I can’t wait to start painting; it’s really starting to feel like our own home now.


  1. Things are coming along! Can't wait to see more after photos!

  2. Congrats on the new place! Looks like you are getting a lot done.

  3. WOW, congrats!! The house is SO cute and I'm sure it'll be amazing soon!! Can't wait to see more! I don't envy you the work of tearing out the shower and flooring, though... (hard to see the pics cause they're so small, FYI!)

  4. GOOD LUCK! and congrats on the big purchase!!

  5. What a fun adventure! Good luck!!

  6. Good job! House repair is so much hard work. I am so excited to see it in person!