Friday, June 7, 2013

Starburst Mirror DIY

After seeing a few starburst mirrors all over the place lately I decided to make my own, esp after seeing the price tags for the ones I was drooling over. 

I looked around for a few tutorials and decided on this one over on Create Live Design 

She covers the basis pretty well on the how to's so I will just go over the pitfalls I experienced.

1. Make sure you are wearing gloves when using Gorilla Glue. It says right on the package do not get it on your skin.... but I was sooooo excited about getting started I skipped that part of the instructions. It took 5 days to get the glue off. Not FUN!
Also Gorilla Glue expands a lot. So use less then you think you need, I had to scrape off some of the glue when it was dry.

2. Figure out how big you want the mirror before you start gluing the shims. My mirror is awesome but much larger then I thought it was going to be.

3. I added some tiny nails (thanks to my dad's air nailer) and some craft plywood to the back for additonal stability.

4. I used two cans of spray paint, the shims soaked it up! I will be making a couple small ones for holiday gifts this year and I'll be priming them first. 

I can't wait to hang this beauty in our new dining room!!! 


  1. That is really, really cool! Good job!

  2. Very cool, love the bare wood and smooth edges on the mirror!! I did a glue + wood starburst mirror project last fall, so poky it scares my husband... ;) Yours will look great in a dining room, hope to see soon!

    P.S. Did you know your blog post column is too narrow for your X-large pics? The photo hangs over into your right column! Might want to make your center column 640 px wide, too!