Monday, May 6, 2013

Moving and shaking....Er sewing.

As you may have noticed I haven't been blogging much the last few weeks.

We are in the middle of a move. We sold our condo last month, and moved out last weekend. We are waiting on the short sale we are buying to close, and are currently staying with some gracious & generous parents!

Oh and did I mention its finals week for me? At least by the time fall semester starts we should be living in our new home. Its been a busy few weeks!

One of the great things about staying with my parents is that my mom is a master at sewing, and while we are invading her house I might as well take advantage of her expertise.

I am so excited to try out my new sewing machine! I think my first project on this new machine will be a purse. I'm hoping with her help I'll accomplish it.

hello beautiful
look at all those stitches!


  1. congrats on the new move, even if it is a little stressful!

  2. Glad to see you are making the most of your in between time. Sewing lessons from mom sounds like a fun way to spend your time!

  3. Yesterday Henry and I enjoyed the quilt you made us so I am sure your next project will be a success!

  4. YAHHH SEWING!! Guess who took out her old sewing machine.