Friday, January 25, 2013

Unrolled Cabbage Casserole Link Love

We had this for dinner last night, after my husband told me he wasn't a cabbage fan he asked for seconds. Definitely putting it in the weekly rotation until we get sick of it.

Minor changes I made: I used a mix of grass-fed beef and pork sausage and I omitted the sugar from the tomato sauce and didn't use the cinnamon since the hubby is allergic.


  1. It's on my menu for this week! I'll let you know how the hubby likes it--thanks again for the recipes you've shared with me this week :)

    1. Let me know if you guys like them!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this--that site looks awesome. Have definitely bookmarked it and am going through the recipes when I have time. I am new to a Paleo-ish diet and need recipes!--although ours is a high fat, moderate protein rather than the more typical low-fat, high protein of Paleo... but still low in fruit, sugar, and no grains! I love it. Lots of grass-fed butter and coconut oil. Mmm. Husband has been following Dave Asprey's Bulletproof Diet and has lost 15 pounds and is looking very buff =) All about the grass-fed beef, too!!

    P.S. Was great meeting you on Saturday--I've been really enjoying your blog posts! Thanks for coming!!
    P.P.S. I loved your goal about photos for 2013... when you're desperate, you can always pop in an Instagram, especially of food! ;)

    1. Paleo is actually high fat as well. The bulletproof diet looks great. Dave Asprey has some great looking recipes!
      Did you guys find a local source for beef? I can only find grassfed ground beef.
      I really like the health bent site although some of their recipes I tweek to my liking.
      I am thinking I might invest in a camera this year, in the mean time I'm trying to practice these tips