Monday, January 7, 2013

Quick knit headband

It has been pretty chilly here in Portland so far this January, we were blessed with very little rain the first week. I sure don't mind the cold as long as its sunny, which is rare for winter in the pacific northwest.

Here is a quick knit headband for those super chilly days, I am not one for hats, unless its really really cold, but headbands I will wear.

Size 13 circular needles
I used scrap yarn -  less then 30 yards of yarn would be sufficient (chunky or worsted weight)
Needle (for knitting in the ends)

Cast on 58 stitches (I would go with anywhere from 50 for a smaller noggin, up to 62 for a larger one)

Join in the round and k1, p1 until it measures 3 inches wide, bind off and sew in the ends.

This is a really fast knit, super easy for the beginning knitter and didn't take me more then 30 minutes start to finish.
The k1 and p1 makes a striped pattern

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