Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Paleo" Tacos

OK so I don't know if you can call these paleo, depending on who you talk to dairy is or isn't paleo, in our house it is paleo so we can enjoy these tacos with cojita aka queso fresco.

8oz grass fed ground beef
lettuce leaves
cojita cheese

Seasoning Blend:
1/2 tbsp chipotle powder
1 tbsp  garlic powder
1 tbsp onion powder
1/2 tbsp ground cumin
1/2 tbsp salt
Its a little spicy, so if you want less spice, reduce the chipotle pepper to 1/4 tbsp

Mix the spices together and marinate the beef for 30-60 minutes

Cook the beef over medium heat until browned, while its cooking, wash and dry your lettuce leaves.
Cut up the tomatoes and slice the avocado. Once the beef is cooked its time to assemble.
Divide the beef, tomatoes, avocado and cojita between the lettuce leaves. Now its time to eat!


  1. Awesome!!!! I will save this to my Recipes Evernote notebook and try sometime!!!! I just started eating meat again after 12 years and we bought a share of a grass-fed cow from a local farm, and I'm learning how to cook meat for the first time ever!

    I've been eating inspired by the Bulletproof Diet rather than Paleo , so high fat/moderate protein, and eat butter but no cheese or milk or other dairy. So I would probably make some raw cashew "sour cream" from my raw vegan days to go with these! Soak cashews, blend in blender with vinegar and salt, mmmm... and now I could add some butter, yum!

    1. The bulletproof diet is pretty rad, I really like their site.
      I have never made cashew cheese, it looks complicated but you make it sound easy. Where did you get your cow? We have been looking for a local farm to order one for 2013.
      How are you handling meat after 12 yrs?

  2. I'm a Texan living in Portland! Is it paleo because there's no taco shells?

  3. Megan, essentially yes, here is a post that breaks it down the link Susannah posted about the bulletproof diet is also similar. Basically no processed food or grains.

  4. Yum yum! I have a friend thats paleo because he son has a ton of allergies. I'm going to share this with her, because its always nice to network and find other people living this lifestyle!