Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Goals

Goals for this year

1 - walk more, living in the suburbs its hard to walk as many places as I would like. When I lived in downtown and north Portland I walked a whole lot more. So this is my goal for the year

2- actually practice my French, I keep saying this, but I don't actually stick to it, I will do it for a day or two here and there and then it gets brushed aside, well no more! I am going to dedicate 3 days a week for French practice. 

3- organize and de-clutter our house. this is something I like to do a couple times a year, but I am going to try and be more proactive with staying organized all year then having to do big re-organizing and donation runs during Spring and Fall.

4 - cut out sugar and limit caffeine, this one is going to be tough! I'll have a more in depth post on this soon.... stay tuned.

What do your 2013 goals look like?

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