Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pear Cardamom Butter

A few weeks ago we went out to Hood River/Hood Valley, and while we were there we picked up a bunch of pears from a local orchard. I decided to turn these delicious pears into a pear butter.
I love cardamom and I think it goes so well with pears so I wanted to add it to  the mix.

2-4 lbs Pears
2-3 tbsp Cardamom pods
Cheese cloth
2/3 c Brown Sugar
1 lemon

Most recipes for pear butter want you to peel them, I chose not to, not only are the peals good for you with lots of fiber but I am also too lazy to spend time peeling 5 pounds of pears, and since I was using organic I wasn’t too worried about pesticides.

Core, stem and roughly chop your pears. Place in a Crockpot. Add your brown sugar, you can add a little more if you like it sweeter, and depending on how ripe your pears are, or you might want to decrease it if your pears are really ripe. Juice the lemon and add the juice to the Crockpot. Turn the Crockpot on high.

Take your cheesecloth and wrap up the pods in a little package, I failed to take a picture of this, but its relatively simple. See this picture from HGTV as an example. Then place the cardamom pods packet into the Crockpot and turn it to high. 
You can skip using the cheesecloth and just fish out the pods later, but I find it much easier to wrap them up so I don’t have to hunt around for them.
Cardamom bundle on the right side

Then let it cook, mine took about 6 hours, depending on how many pears you used. Once the butter is a nice rich brown puree it, I used my immersion blender, but you could use a regular blender and blend in batches, it is going to be hot!   

Let cool and store it in the refrigerator. I packaged some up in these cute Kerr jars for gift giving.

pear butter deliciousness


  1. Oh that looks good! Giving homemade gifts is my favorite!

  2. Can I just say....YUM! I will definitely be trying this one! (Pinning it right now!)