Friday, November 30, 2012

Shows I am currently loving.......

Just a short friday night post.....

The Walking Dead - I have blown through all the seasons and am up to date after only 1 week, and I managed to get all my homework done, how did that even happen? I started watching Season 1 last year but got bored because it was so slow paced...after multiple recommendations I went back to it and am hooked!

Scandal - never been much for the other Shonda Rhimes show, but this one she nails on the head, many surprises, likable characters and a little mystery!

The Mindy Project - I never knew how awesome Mindy Kaling was on the office, this show really highlights how comedically talented she is.

Tis the season for dare I say it, ABC family holiday movies,  they are my guilty pleasure, totally lame and predicable but I can't wait, they really get me in the holiday spirit.

What are you currently watching?


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