Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crockpot Caramelized onions

 Who doesn’t love caramelized onions? Even the most unabashed onion haters who might usually recoil can’t deny the pull of those delicious soft sweet onions.

The beauty of caramelized onions is that they can be used for a lot, and they don’t really take that much work, if you utilize your Crockpot.

Over at whitehouseblackshutters Ann Marie swears by using a cast iron pan. I am guessing onions are really great done that ways, especially since she adds bacon! And the beauty of cast iron is that it imparts extra iron into your food. More on my cast iron and cast iron enamel addiction another day. I didn’t have time to sit and babysit onions on the stove, so I decided to bust out my trusty friend Crockpot. Yes I use the Crockpot a lot, because it’s awesome.

Onions – I used 5 large yellow onions
2-3 tbsp duck fat (or bacon grease, or olive oil, or butter)

Slice up your onions, I like to make them rings, but you could slice or dice them up in any way you prefer, you want the slices thin-medium thickness.
Put  ½  your fat into the bottom of the Crockpot and add onions. Top with the remaining fat. Sprinkle in some salt and cover.  Set it on high and let it cook for the next 10 -12 hours. Yup you read that right! For truly awesome onions you want to let them cook a long time.
I’ll walk by periodically and give them a stir, maybe once every 3 hrs, but this is not a necessary step. The onions will be done when they are a rich golden brown, deep and dark. Remove from Crockpot and cool.
not dark enough
You can bag them up and freeze them to have on hand or you might want to use them right away for a dip or to mix into mashed potatoes, add to sandwiches, top your pizza with them, add to pasta, etc. Or of course for French Onion soup.

*My advice when making caramelized onions, go for the usual white or yellow varieties, do not go for sweet, although I love Vidalia or Walla Walla sweets you really want to go with a stronger spicier onion – see this serious eats post regarding their experimentation with varieties of onions.
perfect, nice and dark brown!

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