Monday, October 22, 2012

Winter Knitting Projects

As I may have mentioned I am working on a number of knit projects for holiday gifts this year, and I started a little late in the season and am now rushing to get things started and finished.
In the meantime between those things, I have also decided to try out some new patterns.

I found this really adorable pattern over at knit&bake for a baby bonnet, seems like every one I know lately is either pregnant or just had a baby! So I thought I would attempt that sweet bonnet.  I have a lovely teal/turquoise colour I thought would be nice for my friend up in Canada's new baby gender unknown. I am a little concerned it doesn't look long enough, but it should still fit a newborn.

I am also working on a quick cowl for myself in a lovely plum/maroon colour.  This yarn is pretty fantastic.
I am hoping to finish the cowl by this weekend, and if it turns out I will probably make a few more for the holidays in maybe seed/moss stitch or some fancy patterns if I have time. Either that or infinity scarves. 

I am dying to stop into a few of the great yarn shops in the Portland area, and this will give me the perfect excuse.

Portland Area Yarn Shops

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