Sunday, October 7, 2012

My journey to gluten free

I wasn't really sure how to go about sharing my gluten free journey or if I should, it was something that was a pretty difficult thing I had to deal with for almost two years, so after writing a couple detailed paragraphs and deleting them I decided to do a condensed version.

Basically it took 2 years of multiple doctors appointments,an endoscopy, being sick nearly every day and being really involved in my own health and finally getting some answers going the non traditional holistic medicine route to finally realize that gluten was causing my problems. After fighting that diagnosis for a few months, I finally admitted that if I wanted to feel better I was going to have to just do it. So I did and I have not looked back since.

With gluten it not like you can just have a little gluten occasionally, at least it isn’t for me. For me, if I get “glutenized” I start to feel it within 20-30 minutes,and start to experience headache, pain, vomiting, among other things. To me it's just not worth it.

Fortunately living in Portland, there seems to be tons of gluten free options out there, which is great for a girl like me! I have been a foodie for pretty much my entire life, I even went to culinary school, and I really thought this diagnosis was going to be a nightmare. However I have realized that it really isn’t.

On the one hand I feel really blessed to have the food andbaking knowledge that I do have because GF baking is really a difficult task,something I am constantly trying to perfect. There are so many flours and baking mixes out there. The other thing, my husband is not gluten free, so I want to make things that he can’t tell are g-free!

NOTE: I prefer to blend my own flours, I find they workbetter. But whatever is available to you.
Also I also rarely buy gluten free premade foods, I'm not perfect & sometimes you just have to, but they don’t taste as great and they are so expensive!

There are a number of great blogs out there covering gluten free baking and recipes, but I find that some of them are super complex, and I personally like easy recipes.
So that’s what I hopefully will be posting, easy recipes.Something you can whip up in a reasonable time period that doesn’t include a billion ingredients.

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