Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fall la la la la Boots!

Every girl needs a good pair of fall boots right?

I always picked black accessories over brown for most of my life, black purses, black shoes, black sweaters, black shirts, black jackets, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love other colours too, navy, blue, grey, reds, greens, purples, and jewel tones are pretty much my fav, but when it came to accessorizing
I always picked black.

This year I decided I wanted some really nice brown boots.

I have been really into brown lately, probably since last Christmas actually, when I got an amazing Fossil Purse for the holidays from my parents, something I could never justify buying for myself.

I have a few pairs of boots, from a year or so ago, that I picked up relatively cheaply. I think maybe around $50.00 for each pair, and they are meh. I don’t hate them, but I am not loving them as much as when I purchased them. I think maybe because I just settled for boots that fit ok, that looked ok, but that I wasn’t really gaga over.

The equestrian style just won’t work for my athletic aka thick calves. There is usually a inch, or sometimes 2 inches, gap that just won’t zip at the top, and trying to add jeans to the equation just makes it worse…. So I was thinking some mid level, mid calf, not quite as short as ankle boots, something that looks cute with jeans or leggings.

The predicament of finding some that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and that is real leather is not the most fun shopping trip I have ever been on. Fortunately my sister, Erika, came along. Any of the boots I really liked were a little out of my price range, have you heard of FRYE’s, clearly those were the ones I liked.
Erika found some cool grey suede boots that she adores, but sadly I came home empty handed. I am hoping to find some online, but I am not sure if I’ll find any to my liking.

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