Thursday, September 6, 2012

Budget cooking

My husband and I recently reevaluated our budget and decided that we could be saving a lot more money per month then we currently are. We want to purchase a 2nd car and to do so will take some sacrifice on our part.
Part of the sacrifice is not dining out. At this point in my gluten free journey, we don't dine out very often, maybe once a week, but we have an awesome grocery store which is a 5 minute walk from our house that has a ton of premade foods, they make them in-house but the markup is quite a bit compared to what it would cost for me to make at home and we probably get something from the deli section once a week as it stands. Then we dine out usually once a week at a restaurant and although we bring our lunches to work most days, we sometimes eat out at lunch.  That can add up!
With our new budget it allows us to go out to a restaurant twice a month, which is definitely do-able even though it might take a bit of getting used to.  I have to plan out all our meals ahead of time and to help me navigate this I turned to Pinterest.

I found a couple blogs that peaked my interest.
One of my favorite ones was I think there are some awesome recipes and everything is priced out per serving. I will definitely be utilizing her site in the coming months.

A few other ones that looked promising, although I haven’t looked around too much yet are & plus a million others on Pinterest.

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