Monday, August 20, 2012

Getting the hang of blogging and then some

I am trying to get the hang of blogging, so please excuse the mess around here in the meantime. I am trying to get things organized.

Its been a rough week. We lost one of our cats on friday, as responsible adults we had to make the choice to lay him to rest. He has been sick with cancer and it was just time. I can honestly say it was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make as an adult.  As a kid  when you lose a pet, your parents are always the ones who had to deal with the hard choices, and I don't think you can truly appreciate that they sheltered you from that until you have to go through it yourself.

I started back at school today after a 5 yr break, its really unfortunate that I took the time off to figure out what I wanted to go and I end up going back for the same thing. Oh well you live you learn.

On a bright note, I had my friend Bethany's bachelorette party this weekend and also got to spend some time with my friend's adorable little girl on Saturday, she is already such a sweet baby and only a month old.

This week we have a wedding and I have to get on making some pies for the reception. I had initially planned on making all the pie crust from scratch, however, gluten free pie crust is a bit of a nightmare to deal with, of course I have only made it once. It was for a linzertorte which tasted amazing, but was a big challenge to get the dough to work with me. Once I get a better handle on gluten free crust Ill post the recipe :)

 So for the wedding I am using Whole Foods frozen gluten free pie crust.  I made a blueberry pie last week using the crust and although a little crumblier then most crusts it was pretty darn good.

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