Monday, August 20, 2012

Foray into quilting

So I am trying my hand at quilting, making a quilt for my friend Katrina's new baby. He is scheduled to arrive late in October but they are having his baby shower in a couple weeks.

I originally planned on doing a rag quilt but with this being my first quilting project I decided to simplify it and do a patchwork front and solid back.

I cut out a bunch of 6x6 squares and then found a pattern placement I liked. Then I took a picture of the layout- thank goodness because I have checked it a few times to make sure I was sewing the rows correctly.

Two rows down, only 7 more to go. Once I have all the squares sewn together, then I'll sew the long rows together and add the batting. I still need to pick a solid backing colour, I'm thinking something cozy & maybe red. We will see what I can come up with.
Then I'll have to add a binding around the edges. I'm pretty excited to see the finished project.

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