Monday, August 20, 2012

Back from vacation!

Well during our week up in Canada we had lots and lots of driving- 27 hrs to be exact. We did 21 hours the first was hard, ESP once it got dark out.
It was especially difficult for me because I had to pack tons of snacks since I didn't know what options I would have on the road. Fruit, carrots, ham sandwich w gluten free bread, rice Krispie cake, mini coconut flour muffins, water & my new fav grapefruit soda from blue sky.

On the road when we wanted something hot I got fries, which were ok. I really wanted meat! Oh well.

Once we got to Winnipeg, I found there were plenty of my childhood foods were sadly not gluten free! But we made do and my husband got to enjoy eating them even though I had to torturously watch him enjoy them.

Driving back was so much harder, we stopped in Spokane, after trying to find a hotel room for almost 2hrs prior. Apparently getting a hotel room in Idaho in July is impossible at the last minute, who knew?!

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